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Concept of The Three Rooms

Our experience of life is not determined by what we have (our possessions), or what we do (our occupation). It is determined by what we think… and our thoughts can only be in one of three places: the Past (Room), The Future (Room) or the Present (Room). So, whichever room our thoughts are in…determines our experience of life in that moment. Learn how to experience the joy of living in the present room in the new book The Three Rooms by Kevin Murphy, due for release this August. Change your room and you’ll change your life. That is the promise.
About the Book
Our thoughts have the biggest influence on how we feel. We are just not very good at monitoring them. The Three Rooms makes the process easier by using the metaphor of Rooms to represent places our thoughts go: backwards to the Past Room, forward to the Future Room, or now in the Present Room.

Kevin Murphy from Wellness Radio with Dr. Jeanette


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